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Body ReShaping

Ultrasound Cavitation

30min $75/ pkg of 8 $275/ pkg of 12 $400/

Unlimited PKG $700 (for 6 months)

Ultrasound cavitation is used to destroy fat cells in the body, reducing body circumference measurements and as a result can reduce the appearance of cellulite. The ultrasound wavelength quickly expands and contracts (vibrates) the cell membrane of the fat cell causing a small air pocket to develop inside the cell. This air bubble then bursts the cell wall and the triglycerides inside the cell are released into the surrounding fluid (interstitial fluid). Adipose (fat) is the only cell affected as it is weaker than other cells, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The fatty acids are taken up by the lymphatic system and moved to the liver for use or disposal. It is important to follow the protocol given by your practitioner so the dispersed fat is not re-stored in your body, but is instead used up or eliminated.

Please see video below for more information:

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